Viking longphort found

A research excavation  funded by Annagassan and District Historical Society at Annagassan in Co. Louth revealed the long sought location of the northern Viking settlement of Linn Duachaill. Founded in 841 AD at the same time as its southern counterpart, Linn Dubh or Dublin. 

Three trenches were excavated to a depth of 2m revealing traces of the outer ditch and bank fortification around the settlement located on an inlet of the River Glyde some 500m from its mouth at the village of Annagassan. 

Finds included hack-silver (silver hacked or chopped off silver ornaments), many Viking ships rivets, a human skull and a spindle whorl used for thread making.

The site is of international significance as it locates the site of Linn Duachaill and backs up the veracity of The Annals of Ulster where the site is first mentioned.