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Archer Heritage Planning assessed this 10ha site in advance of an SHD development on the outskirts of Celbridge revealing the remains of an Early Medieval enclosed settlement. The remains were first identified through geophysical survey and confirmed by subsequent test excavations and drone surveys.

The Challenge

  • A large site surrounded by existing housing with high public and planning interest.
  • Deep deposits of dumped material adjacent to the M4 slip road.

The Process

  • Desktop to support design phase.
  • Test trenching and geophysical survey to support SHD application.
  • Consultation with Kildare County Council and DHLGH on mitigations.
  • Excavation of the site and managing public interest including local Historical Society.

The Result

The size of this Enclosure (92m x 61m) and the excavation of a finely decorated intact ring brooch  equates to increased rank or status for the inhabitants – a good location was important even in the 7th Century!